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Nice, modern, cheap and accommodation made for you! iSleep is a unique and ecological concept, designed with the latest advancements in sustainable technology. Located in the outskirts of Zaragoza, it is only 7 minutes away form the airport and 10 minutes from the city centre.

Suited to the needs of today's professionals and travellers, iSleep Hotel offers a modern room with all the comfort and top of the line technologies that you need. It has 48 triple rooms equipped with:

Deluxe double bed (1.5m wide) + single bed

Flat-screen TV with over 20 digital channels

Finest duvets

Fully adjustable climate control

Check-in 24h

En-suite bathroom

A large safe for your laptop

Free parking (bus & tourism)

Free broad-band Wi-Fi

Pets are welcome.

At iSleep Hotel we offer you what you need, an excellent room at an incredible price. How can we offer all of this at such a low rate? Most hotels have a minibar, a swimming pool, a sauna, gym facilities..etc. The cost of maintaining these infrastructures increases the rate of the room. However, iSleep Hotel has a completely different concept! We don't charge you more for all those extra amenities that you usually don't use. Instead we offer you a clean, modern and cheap room to relax after a long trip or a hard day at work. All the rest, we neither have it, nor do we charge you for it!

Isleep Hotel

Telefono de reservas
(from outside Spain please dial +34-976 141 886)

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